CEO’s viewpoint of what is required from Strategic HR and the changing role of the HR Director. McDonalds Ltd.

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Jill McDonald CEO and President of McDonald’s UK & David Fairhurst, Chief People Office, McDonald’s Europe.

At the HR Directors Summit Jill McDonald opened with the statement “The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be” Paul Varley (1945). McDonald and Fairhurst explained that in McDonald’s HR Directors need to:

  1. Deal with complexity – we there therefore leaders who can reconcile the answers, who can deal with multiple stakeholders and leaders who are more ‘connected’. Dealing with complexity is about breaking down silo’s, cutting through the confusion with clarity.Deal with pace of change. The speed of change has accelerated. The time to reflect on a business decision has gone. Therefore, leaders need to be decisive and pragmatic.
  2. Ensure employee engagement– to engage talent around the business needs to align this with what people value
  3. Embed organisational values– in the context of organisational history, make the values realistic in day to day scenarios. Fuse the value for people and what they love with the values of the business. “Values are like finger prints. Nobody’s values are the same, but you leave them over everything you do” (Elvis Presley).
  4. Define requirements – What are the capability gaps? Dialogue is key to defining this.

Therefore, HR Directors need to deal with “complexity and speed whilst engaging their employees”.

They concluded that a successful, forward looking business needs to:

– Break down silos and embed values in order to create a connected organisation.
– Engage employees to build external trust.
– Identify and develop future leadership talent

Thus maximising an organisations ability to handle turbulence of the future challenges. They concluded with the following statement “Today, changes in society have a steeper impact than changes in management”. Peter Drucher 1909-2005

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