New Modern Office Design for Zircon in 2011

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There’s more to office design than meets the eye. British working hours are on average the longest in Europe according to a research project by The Work Foundation. Good office design can help boost productivity, morale and increase creativity. With us all spending more time in our office space it is important to include details that will inspire and create a comfortable place to work.

At Zircon Management Consulting’s newly designed Head Office, black and white is partnered with Zircon’s corporate green to create a modern office interior. The office is kept open plan with the exception of an acoustically separated breakout space. The open workplace arrangement facilitates communication and collaboration; key to this at Zircon is that everyone based at the office works collaboratively around large tables with no partitions between the spaces.

The predominately white space includes patterned wallpaper that has a strong graphic quality, which helps to create a light and airy atmosphere. Whilst the bespoke cabinetry in white and bright green creates much needed storage and adds punches of colour, so do the bright green upholstered chairs. The open plan layout and the black and white interior take advantage of the generous windows and create a high contrast with the expansive views to the south and east that overlook the garden.

The office still embraces the original oak beams and wood floors but with the patterned wallpapers combined with large crystal pendants, the sexy and iconic Bourgie table lamps as well as some glossy finishing bring together the classical with the contemporary to enhance elegantly modern ambiance. Overall, Zircon’s office interior is designed to be a modern, friendly place to work, warm and comfortable with plenty of natural light.

In 2010 Zircon won the BlackBerry Remote Employer Award for its home and remote working practices. With a team of 140 remote consultants plenty of the team in fact work from home offices. Below are some tips for creating a space in your home for an office.

Creating your at home office
Locating your home office in a dedicated room gives you the luxury of privacy and being able to shut the door on your work at the end of the day. It also means that you don’t have to consider your home office blending in to an existing scheme or having a clear desk policy. However not everyone has the space to carve out a room dedicated as an office in their homes. But with a little thought there are several ways to make it fit into your home, as every room in a house requires a face-lift or organizing once in awhile

  • Consider firstly are there any spaces in your home that could work harder. Could your guest bedroom have a desk added? Do you have a large landing or corridor being under utilized? Could you make a workspace in your kitchen or living room?
  • Ask yourself what you really need from your home office. Is a desk essential or do you just need a quiet comfortable space to read? Consider whether you will need a phone line, broadband, a printer or anything else that might require a cable or wire. This way you can make sure you have will have the correct services before the decorating starts
  • Creating a home office space that is comfortable will increase your productivity. If you are going to be working on a computer purchasing a good quality, supportive office chair will pay dividends. Sitting in an awkward position can put your body under stress. Make sure you can adjust the chair’s height and angle to suit you. You’ll also need to make sure that you can pull your chair in and out easily which usually requires leaving between 70-80cm clearance behind the chair
  • Well thought-out storage is crucial no matter the size of the space and de-cluttering is a prerequisite. Instead of buying a shelving unit, you might want to consider fixing shelves to the wall – you can go floor to ceiling or maybe just into an awkward corner. Also consider furniture that can be dual purpose like ottoman boxes
  • Make sure you consider lighting both natural and artificial. A well-lit workspace is fundamental to create a favorable working atmosphere. It is also required to prevent eye strain and headaches
  • Before purchasing furniture, place tape on the floor to visualize its actual size. That large executive desk may have looked great in the shop or online but might overwhelm your room
  • If you don’t have the space in your home you could invest in a garden room or consider converting your garage

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