The Four Key Principles to Encourage Motivation and Engagement at Work

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It is important to enjoy your life and because work is such a big part of life, it is important to enjoy work (Ludin, et al, 2001). Ludin and colleagues research focuses upon how employees can be more motivated, engaged and passionate about the work they do- even if they are not in their ‘dream’ job. Ludin et al. believe that there are four key principles which can be used by a manager to encourage motivation and engagement at work;

  1. Choose your attitude: Whilst you cannot always choose the job you do or the work you engage in, you always have a choice about the attitude which you bring to work. This is based upon the principle that if you have a positive attitude towards work and colleagues you will have a more enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful day.
  2. Play: Have fun at work. You can take work seriously whilst having a playful and relaxed attitude. Encourage laughter and fun into the workplace, whilst maintaining respect for others and a high standard of work/customer service.
  3. Make their day: Wanting to ‘make’ a customer’s day. Providing good service which is unforgettable. Seek to please the customer and serve them in a way which is hard to forget. Also, seek to do this with your colleagues (both those within your team and in the wider organisation). Seek to ‘make’ your colleague’s day by going that extra mile.
  4. Be present: Seek to ‘be present’ for every person you speak to and interact with. This means actively listening to the customer or your colleague and responding in an appropriate way. Pay attention to the subtle signs which may otherwise be missed or ignored. This is also an important part of ‘making’ a person’s day.
    If these four principles are to be accepted in the work place and embedded in the culture, there is a need to establish buy-in from the employees. Managers can achieve this by emphasising the need to actively involve employees in this process. It is therefore important to encourage suggestions from employees about how to implement the four principles. Furthermore, it is important to also create learning experiences for all members of staff so that they are able to understand the importance and see the positive influence of the four principles within the workplace.

At Zircon we try to both live these values at work and with our clients. If you would like to read more about these key principles for employee motivation and engagement Ludin et al. have written a book called “FISH!”, which provides a fictional account about how to apply these in practice.

Adapted from source:
Ludin, S. C., Paul, H., & Christensen, J. (2001). FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results. Hodder & Stoughton: London.

Written by Melissa Tyson, Occupational Psychologist

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