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Following Zircon’s success as winner in the ‘Blackberry Remote Working’ awards, Dr Amanda Potter (Owner and Managing Director of Zircon Management Consulting Ltd), has also been announced a runner up for the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award as part of the London Business Awards 2010.

The London Business Awards is a prestigious event which each year recognises and celebrates the success of talented organisations and the people beh
ind them. We are so proud that Amanda has been recognised for her initiative and creativity as an entrepreneur of Zircon.

An ‘entrepreneur’ is defined as someone who creates their own company in pursuit of new business opportunities despite the potential financial risk. Therefore, breaking through the boundaries set by pre-existing businesses and creating innovative alternatives, ultimately resulting in success. It is evident that Amanda has achieved many of these things within Zircon. For example:

  •  Zircon is one of the first companies to bring together both Occupational Psychologists and HR professionals, in a remote working environment. This concept of a virtual organisation allows Zircon to provide competitively priced services and products to our clients, which has been especially important during the current economic downturn.
  •  Amanda envisioned an organisation which whilst remote, sought to join people together as part of a team- something which Amanda knew was very important for the success of Zircon. Therefore, Zircon is not just a virtual organisation but a virtual team of 4 Directors, 2 Personal Assistants (Office based), 1 Occupational Psychologist (Office based), 20 Business Managers and 140 Associate Consultants (Occupational Psychologists, Business and HR Professionals).
  •  Part of Zircon’s success as a talent management organisation can be attributed to the unique ways in which we work with our clients. For example, Amanda has sought unusual opportunities regarding team building days and coaching sessions, which provide clients with inspirational and often unforgettable experiences, such as all day sailing events (Spinnaker Yachts) and aircraft simulator exercises (Virtual Aviation).
  •  Amanda is passionate about nurturing the future talent within Business Consultancy and Occupational Psychology. She therefore provides both short-term work placements and longer-term internships for psychology students and graduates. Hence, providing eager individuals with the rare opportunity to experience both business consultancy and entrepreneurial business in practice.
  •  Finally, Amanda seeks out new business opportunities without compromising her values and ethics. She seeks to build Zircon business in a way which represents best practice within Occupational Psychology and HR. Furthermore, Amanda applies her own knowledge of organisational behaviour to the way in which she manages the Zircon team. In other words she practices what she preaches!

It is therefore easy to see how Amanda was nominated as a finalist for “The Entrepreneur of the Year” 2010 award.

We are continuing to enter and be nominated for business awards in order to demonstrate our success as an organisation. Amanda’s entrepreneurial influence is no doubt a key driver in Zircon’s success, however Zircon could not be where it is today without its committed and loyal Support Staff, Business Managers and Associates.

We would like to thank everyone for all your support over the past year and on behalf of everyone at Zircon Head Office we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and an even better, stronger and more successful 2011.

Click here to go to the London Business Awards website.

Written by: Melissa Tyson, Occupational Psychologist

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