Are Competencies Enough to Drive Culture Change?

November 29th, 2010 by Amanda Potter Leave a reply »

The goal of culture change work is to purposefully and actively build capability for new ways of working. In order to deliver successful change, individual competencies are not always enough.

The center for Creative Leadership suggests that in order to change the culture of an organisation, organisations should place a high value on learning and leadership development and not just competency development. The organisation should target training not at the individual level, but atthe group level, thus driving up performance against collective leadership capabilities.

In order to make this happen both formal and informal leaders need to act and work together to drive forward the values, goals, aspirations and competencies of the organisation. This collective behaviour thus determines whether the organisation will succeed in implementing strategies/adapting to change or fail.

The key message of this blog is therefore that your leaders “have the key” to enabling successful change, and that defining a competency model to describe the required behaviours for success is “not enough” to ensure success. For information about the Zircon approach to developing leaders please contact Amanda Potter at 017373 555 862 or

Source: Transforming your organisation (2009). Centre for Creative Leadership.

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