Methods for Assessing Talent using the Zircon Talent Model

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This blog expands on the 6th July Zircon blog entitled “Identifying the best talent for your organisation.. Using the Zircon Talent Model” and looks at the methods used to assess both the potential and performance elements of talent.

Gaining a broad understanding of an individual is vital to identifying and predicting potential talent for an organisation. According, to the Zircon Talent Management Model, it is essential to match unique individuals to unique organisations to ensure that the individual and the organisation complement one another. The Zircon Talent Management model proposes that an individual’s values, motivators, intellectual skills, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are the most important characteristics which need to be identified and assessed in order to determine ‘fit’.

Based upon this principle of ‘fit’, Zircon has developed a number of in-depth assessments to measure these characteristics accurately and efficiently, in order to maximise talent management including:

Measures of Potential

Values are assessed by specific values exercises such as the ‘Day in the life’ assessment, which seeks to assess both personal and occupational values.

Motivators are identified by conducting ‘aspirational’ interviews, along with personality questionnaires which tap into a person’s goals, drive and energy.

Intellectual skills are assessed using competency based questionnaires, as well as situational interviews, reasoning tests and work sample exercises. All these aim to assess the individual’s ability to analyse, reason and make decisions.

Intrapersonal and Interpersonal skills are assessed using tests of emotional intelligence, personality measures and scenario exercises. These assessments determine the individuals awareness of self and others, regard of self and others, self management and relationship management.

The Zircon Talent Management Model also seeks to validate the results assessments made of individuals by measuring both past and present performance. Zircon Talent Management Model seeks to achieve this by offering three methods of validation.

Measures of Performance

Off the shelf 360 Competency-based Assessment using a standardised list of competencies to select from.

Customised Competency-based 360 Assessment developed to reflect the unique competencies of the organisation, providing a more bespoke solution.

Current level of work assessment identifying an individuals’ current level of cognitive functioning using a 360 assessment. Informed by the ‘Jacques Stratified Systems Theory’ model.

The Zircon Potential and Performance Talent Management Model can therefore be adapted depending upon the nature of assessment (selection or development) hence providing a truly practical and functional model to work with.

Written by: Melissa Tyson, Occupational Psychologist, 8th November 2010

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