Happiness, Positive Psychology and Coaching

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At the ABP 10th Annual Conference, Lucy Ryan posed that we have become very adept at recognising and labelling ‘what’s wrong?’ However we are poor at recognising and labelling (and believing in) ‘what’s strong’. Organisations too heavily rely on competency based assessment and performance management of development needs and do not spend enough time having a balanced look at both strengths AND development needs.

As as result, some organisations become “toxic” and the culture is characterised by conflict, stress, blame culture, “yes but…” attitudes, and can be draining. Postive and happy cultures can result in thiving organisations. These are characterised by supportive, resilient, optimistic, “yes and…” energising behaviours.

Zircon are working with organisations in the areas of engagement, positive psychology and happiness and we have a number of our Directors and Business Managers joining Lucy at her Coaching with Positive Psychology – Leadership & Performance course this month to expand and develop our knowledge in this area and to maximise our use of the Positive Insights Strength Cards for coaching and development.

If you would like to understand more please contact the Zircon Head Office 01737 555862.

Source: Adapted from Lucy Ryan, Positive Insights.

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