Thomas Grant’s Work Experience Placement October 2010

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A few months ago I had never even heard of Zircon, but after emailing every Chartered Occupational Psychology company within 20 miles and on the verge of giving up I got an email from Dr Amanda Potter. “Hi Thomas, We may be interested in offering you the possibility of doing some work experience with us…” After walking into Amanda’s somewhat unexpected oak barn office on my first day I can honestly say I did not know what to expect of my time at Zircon. I did not really have the time to worry, and had to jump straight in. I started off by researching Zircon itself, followed by research into E.ON, a possible future client. I was then fortunate enough to sit in on a meeting with BAA HR Director Julie Stayte. A meeting full of so many long words and strange business terms I get confused just trying to remember it. Despite this I still managed to learn a lot from it. After that meeting I did some research on how organisations measure values.

On my second day there were yet more things to do. I started the day with research into E.ON UK’s current Head of Learning and Development – Stephen King. I was able to sit in on a conference call covering Employee Engagement with Sportingbet which was very interesting. Next on the agenda was to make a list of suggested ideas for possible sponsored items for the ABP’s 2011 conference executive bags. I was then tasked with helping Louise Simpson with a case study for a “High Potential” development event.

My third day at Zircon was very eventful. I travelled into London with Amanda and was privileged enough to sit in 2 sales meetings she had with HSBC. The first was with Clodagh O’Reilly and Keren Levin from the assessment and resourcing team. This discussion contained aspects that I’m not ashamed to say went straight over my head. On the whole it was extremely informative and very interesting. The second meeting was with Jacky Griffiths, HSBC UK’s Senior HR Business Partner. This was an equally stimulating meeting.

My final day at Zircon was the busiest yet. More work with Louise Simpson, a Zircon Business Manager and her Wolseley Case study followed by setting up a LinkedIn Profile. After that I organised and wrote a management assessment rating sheet for Sportingbet.

Considering I was only with Zircon for four days it feels like a month. I have learnt so much and I am very grateful for the experience. I would just like to thank Amanda for this opportunity and giving me such an amazing and enriching experience.

Written by: Thomas Grant, October 2010

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