Leadership: How much Energy & Influence do you really have?

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The Embassy of Switzerland and IMD –
Guest Speaker Professor Preston C. Bottger
Professor of Leadership and General Management at IMD (Lausanne)

Leadership: How much Energy and Influence do you really have?

Joyfully, Zircon were invited to join HSBC at the IMD event this week where Professor Bottger posed the question “How do you influence and manage your energy over a 30 year period?” He stated that influential and energetic leaders create wealth for organisations through human capital and financial growth.

During this session, he questioned where leaders get their “energy from” in order to succeed. He posed that all leaders have a “personal model of leadership that is unique to them” and that each leader draws on different energy levels depending on their experiences, drivers, personality, history and motivations.

Bottger also discussed how employees become prisoners, tourists or learners. Is this down to them or the organisation, or both? What happens to people along the way? What decisions do we make to enable us to be: Prisoners, Tourists or Learners?

When questioned, Bottger summarised how he sees successful leaders:
• Adapting their behaviour for the needs of the business
• Having a capacity to generate new behaviour
• Seeking new environments and challenges
• Creating an engaging vision of future for the business
• Seeing possibilities
• Seeing around corners, identify opportunities before anyone else does
• Selling in the proposition to others, creating followership

Zircon concur with Bottger and believe that we need to understand the personal blueprint of leadership for leaders, so that we can fully understand what they can offer their organisation, stakeholders, shareholders and people. For further information about the Zircon model of talent please contact Dr Amanda Potter at amanda.potter@zircon-mc.co.uk 01737 555 862.

Written by: Dr Amanda Potter, Managing Director of Zircon.

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