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In the beautifully decorated Soho Hotel, three out of the four Zircon directors, Julie, Sarah and Amanda, and a collection of Zircon Business Managers and Associates and myself, the work experience student embarked on a two hour workshop on Profile:Match. Greeted with little pastries, a selection of teas and a pack full of Profile:Match information – we were ready for Geoff Trickey, the Managing Director and Becky Playfoot of Psychology Consultancy Limited to being their two hour enlightenment on the ins and outs of Profile:Match.

Profile:Match has been developed by Geoff and the team at Psychology Consultancy Limited over the last ten or so years. It originated as an in-house programme before realising its potential as a sought-after product. Through their consultancy work it became apparent that their clients wanted test results and feedback regarding psychometric testing for talent and potential assessments, in terms of job competencies. Competencies describe the behaviours necessary for carrying out a job role successfully. And finding out about candidate competencies is exactly what the client wants to know. The format of Profile:Match allows companies to obtain reports that represent their own chosen competency framework. In this way, the results of a Profile:Match test are 100% relevant and easy to digest. The Five Factor Model underlies the competencies, where personality factors are combined in their optimum amounts to represent each competency. The profile Match tool is both a personality questionnaire and a 360 tool.

The presentation itself was informative and detailed. No questions were left unanswered and everyone departed with not only a thorough understanding of the theory behind the test, but also of how to administer it. How did they manage this in such a short amount of time? The Zircon audience found that the workshop was pitched to them appropriately, they enjoyed the concept and were left excited to use Profile:Match themselves in the near future. A successful experience then!

From a personal level, having the opportunity to attend a psychometric-test training event was a real privilege. It was a very interesting exercise to see the interplay between what I have learnt about psychometric testing through my University course and seeing their application in the business world. It really made psychology theory come alive. I’d like to thank Amanda for giving me the opportunity and Geoff and Becky for agreeing to let me attend the day. The experience was a wonderful treat.

Written by Ellie Baker, Psychology Placement Student from Oxford University. September 2010

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