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Adrian Furnham, a Professor of Psychology at UCL presented an interesting speech on leadership derailment at the ABP Conference this year.  He captivated the audience whilst explaining why leaders derail at work and provided a though-provoking question… do successful individuals become narcissists or do narcissists become successful? 

He stressed that the failed business leader is a paradox because the characteristics that help you on your way up can derail you at the end. “This is a common problem amongst  many leaders who have demonstrated strengths which Belbin refers to as allowable weaknesses.” Adrian enlightened  listeners with research findings showing genders derailling in a different way, where  successful males  have a tendency towards psychopathology and narcissism and females  towards avoidance and hysteria.

Adrian explained that a lot of organisations can learn from personality disorders in the workplace and understand it’s link with success because the expensive issue of bad leadership  can lead to missed business opportunities and employee disengagement.  At Zircon our Coaching Director , Jason Roberts, ensures he spends time with  team leaders to help them develop their self-awareness and take responsibility for their effectiveness. For more information on leadership coaching and dreailment please contact Dr Amanda Potter our MD or Jason Roberts our Director of Coaching on 01737 555 862

Taken from: ABP 2010 Conference Keynote Speech, Leadership derailment: the paradox of the failed business leader, Professor Adrian Furnham (UCL)

Blog written by Nicola Cairns BSc MSc, Psychologist in Training.

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