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“I set up Zircon in 2000 after recognising that there were not any consultancies around with the specific goal of supplying Business Psychologists and HR Consultants (Associates) as a resource to clients. I had worked as an associate for a number of years and realised that there was a gap in the market.

Zircon grew for the first 7 years as a life style business and the flexibility and autonomy it gave me enabled me to spend time with my family. The business has significantly grown in the past 2 years  with core lines of business including Talent & Assessment,Leadership & Organisational Development andCoaching & Outplacement. Zircon now provides associate work for 140 self employed Business Psychologists and HR Consultants.

When I set up for myself, I had worked as an associate for a number of years so I had some insight into how to operate as an associate psychologist for client organisations and I had a great network of 15 brilliant associates. The main challenge I faced in the beginning was getting fellow associates to realise that Zircon was a commercial business and that they would need to pay Zircon 20% of their day rate for the introduction to the client because very often people shared work without explicitly stating they were taking a commission.

The main thing I learnt when setting up my business, was not to be embarrassed or to feel that you have to justify your ideas or actions. The best thing to be is confident, believe in yourself and others will believe you.

I have been inspired by many successful and inspiring women since I have been in business. All of these women are visionary, creative, focused and determined. When I work with them I always want to be the best consultant and psychologist ever! I am also very much motivated and energised by my three female Directors, each who are very different individuals and add a new perspective.

I now have a Mentor, Jo Haigh, author of Tales from the Glass Ceiling: A Survival Guide for Women in Business and other books. Jo is totally impressive and it wasn’t until I started being mentored by her, that I realised how much I don’t know about running a business! I will definitely be continuing my mentoring sessions”.

If you would like to find out more please contact:

Amanda Potter (Engagement) – 01737 555 862 or 07740 684184

Source: South East Women’s Enterprise Networks – People’s Stories

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