The Importance of an Appreciative Environment within Zircon

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We understand the importance of working in a positive, appreciative environment. Zircon sent out an invitation to our Head Office Team, our Directors and our Business Managers to give appreciative feedback about one of our Zircon Team. We were both delighted and amazed by the rich variety and intensity of the feedback shared about one another and the amount of positive feedback given to our support team. We wanted to share some of this rich feedback with you:

1. Amanda Potter is always supportive and invests a lot of effort to develop Associates/employees. She is energetic, professional and positive in her approach to work. A fantastic business woman and a great mentor.

2. When I first undertook work for A&DC, Frances Thomson was kind enough to run through the format of their days, expectations, etc. which can be quite challenging. She helped me understand the requirements in terms of report writing, which stood me in good stead for the event. Many Thanks Frances.

3. I’d like to say that Sarah Linton is always approachable and happy to help whenever I have needed any clarification on any projects I have delivered. It’s great to feel that I can ask further questions without feeling that I am wasting her time.

4. Sarah Green is a delight to work with even though the contact is generally by email or on the telephone. She responds promptly and she always includes a phrase or sentence that is not simply work related which softens the interaction (even if that is “I hope you are enjoying the sunshine”) which lightens the mood and raises the spirits which can often be a welcome fillip.

5. Andy McBurnie’s continues to show passion and commitment to Zircon and this has been evident recently by his contribution to writing articles, blogs and content for the website. Andy has also been involved with the setting up of the Spinnaker proposition and developing materials we can use to sell to our clients. Andy puts in a tremendous amount of effort which is often unpaid and this is greatly appreciated by myself and the rest of the director team.

6. Julie Lee has been hugely supportive of me and prepared to help me develop my technical knowledge, taking time to make sure that I really understand. She has been very patient and upbeat, a positive influence on the team dynamic.

7. Jason Roberts brings a new perspective and system creativity – loving the new website, blogging and twittering. I find him calm and easy to be around.

8. I would like to thank Amanda Potter who is always so great to work with. She is so understanding, flexible and fantastic support. She is always ready to answer my questions and help me out, even when I know she is exceptionally busy with a hundred other things! Thank you so much!

9. Please could I give a piece of positive feedback about Sarah Green and Sally Castles. They are both always very helpful, accommodating and professional. Service with a smile (not that I can see down the phone, but they sound as if they are smiling!). It is a pleasure to deal with such capable people, as not every office has them.

10. It was a pleasure to work with Richard Cooper in formulating ideas for the utilisation of sailing for individual and team development. He displayed a sound knowledge of the underlying psychological principles and combined this with a practical approach to applying them. In discussion, he showed what a good team player he is, contributing ideas but also listening, taking account of the views of others and building on these to produce a sound outcome.

11. William Shearer has really stepped up to help the team and project manage this year. He works very hard to ensure clients are happy and is tenacious in seeing things to their completion.

12. Dirk Palm has been performed well with the clients and has supported other associates, sharing his knowledge of client expectations

13. Sally Castles is a great team player and is supportive. She has a down to earth approach, says things as she sees them. She also has great initiative and does not get flustered in a business crisis.

14. Sarah Linton, in your conversations you manage to balance a focus on the business with a friendliness that shows you’re interested in the individual- thank you.

15. Chris King is always keen and available to share his experience and knowledge about projects. He was very supportive; offering advice and tips about a recent Home Office project.

16. Sarah Green is sunny and cheerful and quite detailed which again is a great foil for me, especially doing creative things which I just really do not want to go over too much as I’ll just keep changing – I can totally rely on Sarah to do a great proof read and highlight things that just do not appear to make sense.

17. Sarah Green and Sally Castles always go the extra mile to help me. They do this by answering my questions, chasing missing psychometrics, revising spreadsheets and helping ensure that projects I am working on or managing are handled with care, efficiency and humour, exemplifying the best of Zircon’s Aspiration, Vision, Mission and Proposition.

18. Teresa Bailey is very keen to do an excellent job, she has worked hard to deliver clarity with a sometimes confused and challenging client.

19. Having just read the Sunday Times piece, I would like to give Amanda Potter some positive feedback. I believe that Amanda is a visionary and the real driving force behind Zircon. I think that Amanda’s energy and ability to identify commercial opportunities are second to none and Amanda is what makes Zircon the success that it is today.

20. Frances Thomson has taken opportunities to identify improvements to processes and remains honest and professional. She is happy to help other associates and relates easily to clients and team members.

21. Sarah Green is always responsive, diligent and passionate about doing a good job. She is willing to learn and has embraced new opportunities as they have presented themselves.

22. Andy McBurnie is a really clear, concise and enthusiastic person to bounce ideas off. Enjoyed the brainstorming session on the sailing offer and look forward to putting it into practice. Also thanks for the little snippets of advice on the OU lecturing (not directly to do with Zircon I know) as they provide a great deal of useful insight into a whole range of work.

23. Jacquie Brazier for delivering fantastic consulting work and making clients fall in love with her. For also being feisty, funny and fabulous.

24. Sarah Green is approachable, cheerful and always willing to lend a hand to help others. In the time that I have known her she has always worked hard to ensure she delivers her best.

25. I am grateful to Amanda Potter for taking note of my development aims and providing me with work that would help me to meet those aims.

26. I’d like to say thank you to Sally Castles for the speed with which you respond to any invoice queries I have.

27. Richard Cooper is always happy and relates really well to other associates and the clients.

28. Chris King, Andy McBurnie and Richard Cooper, all 3 were very supportive when I received my first assignment with T Systems. All 3 provided me with insight into how the interviews ran, paperwork, contact details and background on the organisation. I felt reassured that they were at the end of the phone and more than happy to talk through any concerns I may have – great team work. The support from Sally and Sarah goes without saying – they are stars and very much valued.

29. Sarah Green is always responds promptly to emails – even at weekends, and I love her cheerful and positive style in writing them.

30. I would like to give positive feedback to Sally Castles and Sarah Green for their unwavering commitment to keeping things quietly going on in the background and to Chris King for going the extra mile and talking to me on a weekend to discuss the pros and cons of a BM position with Zircon.

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