Identifying the best talent for your organisation.. Using the Zircon Talent Model

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Wanting to identify the best talent is nothing new in our industry – it is what most of our work revolves around in some way, shape or form. To that end we have formalised a model to help us communicate with our clients what we recommend measuring to gain a broad understanding of a person and their potential and fit for that organisation. They key is to recognise that not only are individuals unique but organisations are unique and therefore require tailored solutions.

Our Talent Model focuses on the interaction between an organisation, their culture, business drivers and challenges and the individual, their behavioural preferences, motivators, values and skills. We believe that by gaining a comprehensive understanding of an individual, we can provide organisations with an objective and informed view of how an individual will lead people, how they will make decisions and what will inform their judgement and how they will manage themselves when faced with difficult and challenging situations.

Having a rounded view of an individual and understanding how they manage themselves and what they value enables an organisation to make a more informed decision as to whether that person is right for their organisation in terms of their attributes as well as cultural fit.

We have designed a number of in-depth assessments for clients, using a combination of psychometric questionnaires and tests and bespoke interviews to validate the psychometric findings and gather further information based on the organisation’s key future challenges and their current challenges and culture.

We believe it is fundamental to gain an understanding of the emotional intelligence of an individual in order to ascertain how they are likely to manage their personality and behavioural preferences. In addition we need to understand the way people will lead others and how they will operate in particular environments.

Zircon’s Talent Model is not based on anything new, however it is based on best practice in assessment design as we only use tools that are robust and statistically valid and work with clients to gain a good working knowledge of their organisation and key roles within it, to inform the design and focus of the assessment process.

We use our model for both assessment for selection as well as assessment for development and we find that because the information we glean is so in-depth and rich in nature, it provides a useful starting point for an informed discussion around an individual’s development aligned to their aspirations.

If you are interested in more detail about the tools we use please contact: Amanda Potter 01737 555 862 or Julie Lee 01787 462 101.

Written by Julie Lee, Director of Development, July 2010.

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