Work engagement and financial returns

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Engaging employees in the workplace today can be difficult for even the best companies. Another challenge exists… how do we sustain commitment in employees who are already engaged?

A piece of research by Xanthopoulou demonstrates that engagement levels of individuals can affect both individual and team performance.

The ability of managers and supervisors to coach and develop employees had a positive impact on people’s level of work engagement.

Other results found that individuals who have a high level of interest in their work activities tended to be more engaged, resulting in higher financial performance.

In summary, those individuals who are happier, enjoy their work, feel they are being supported and developed tend to be more productive.

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Written by Nicola Cairns, Psychologist, Zircon
Adapted from Xanthopoulou, D., Pakker, A. B., Demerouti, E., & Schaufeli, W. B. (2009). Work engagement and financial returns: A diary study on the role of job and personal resources. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 82, 183 – 200.

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