Using Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulators for Development

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“Mayday Mayday, the time is 23.35 and you are on a flight from Paris to London Heathrow. Currently at 35,000ft to the North East of London travelling at 500 mph, flying in a Boeing 737-800 (Next Generation). The Cabin Crew make an announcement “ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that we have lost both our pilots due to the serious sickness illness and now need two volunteers to fly the aircraft”

You have been nominated to help and now find yourselves being taken into the cockpit of the aircraft by the Senior Cabin Crew member on board….

Zircon’s two slightly apprehensive but willing guests Rachel Richardson Group HR Director for Sportingbet and Chris Small Business Psychologist for Saville Consulting, joined us on the Boeing 737 full flight simulator. The simulators are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to Level-D standard (the highest level of realism) and approved for ‘zero flight time’ training.
The sights, sounds and sensations of flight are breathtakingly realistic, providing a completely immersive experience.

For two hours Rachel and Chris were challenged by a number of “out of the ordinary circumstances” and were required to fly and land the Boeing 737. On board the simulator was Ben the fully trained and qualified pilot. Ben role played the Chief Steward of the Cabin Crew and also role played the various Air Traffic Control roles on the microphone.

The two hours were exhilarating, exciting and enlightening. Ben challenged Rachel and Chris with a series of zero flight time situations. As an observer, I could immediately see how the full flight simulator could be used for senior level and board level coaching, one to one development, conflict resolution and communication and decision making development and training. The very quick feedback from our clients says it all..

“I have been boring absolutely everyone about the flight simulator. It was amazing. Thank you so much for providing the learning experience” Rachel Richardson Group HR Director, Sportingbet

“I was very surprised about the realism of the experience. We were thrown completely in at the deep end and it required us to use our initiative, judgement, communication skills and work as a team to get us out of the situation we found ourselves in. I cannot wait to do it again.” Chris Small, Psychologist, Saville Consulting.

Zircon are in the process of building a relationship with Virtual Aviation and we are looking at launching their full flight simulators as part of Senior level one to one and team development programmes for our clients. Virtual Aviation have access to a number of flight simulators in Heathrow, Gatwick and Southampton and they each worth around £10-million. They are normally reserved for training airline pilots however Virtual Aviation have struck a deal to hire them by the day, and we have struck a deal with Virtual aviation to potentially sell the use of the simulators for senior level development and coaching.

For more information about how you could organise a Full Flight Simulator as part of your ongoing coaching, development, training or engagement work, please contact Amanda Potter on 01737 555 862 or

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