Consultancy Vs Leader led Leadership Development Programmes

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When Zircon attended the ABP Conference last month, we saw Louise Kordel and Deborah Tom present a double act demonstrate two very different and effective leadership development programmes they have delivered in retaining top talent at Barclays Capital. Both programmes that were illustrated; consultancy led and leader led were incredibly compelling in the methods they used.

The vendor led programme included delegates finding their own authentic leadership voice through interviewing and attending a talk on military leadership.

Alternatively, the leader led programme involved internal leaders training and facilitating workshops on emotional intelligence, business team strategy and team potential.

Both speakers highlighted the issue with retaining top talent particularly in the investment bank area where it is common for employees to move around after 3 years service. Both leader led and consultancy led programmes have their advantages and their drawbacks.

Leadership development is a key service Zircon can provide in line with current approaches. Some of the many development services Zircon offers are succession planning, executive development, emotional intelligence and development centres. Please email Julie Lee for further information or telephone 01737 555 862 or 0771164929.

ABP Conference Presentation: Nothing in life is free: two options for a leadership programme
Louise Kordel (Barclays Capital) & Deborah Tom (Human Systems)

Written by Nicola Cairns, Psychologist, Zircon

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