Expanding Positive Outcomes of Engagement

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David Carew, Senior Psychologist at DWP presented his keynote speech on engagement at the 10th Annual ABP Conference this year. His passion for engagement was clear and he stressed “engagement matters most under conditions of uncertainty.” He addresses a number of questions about how organisations could more effectively engage their employees. In particular, some of the questions he posed included:

“How do you transfer employee engagement data and how do you action this data in the workplace?”
“What are the organisational goals we are trying to achieve?”
“How do we maximise positive outcomes as a result of an engagement survey or intervention?”

Indeed David Wigfield, a further presenter at the ABP 10th Annual Conference in May this year started to answer these questions. He recognised that it is critical that organisations consult with successful leaders of engaged teams to understand “what they are doing that is different to the rest”. He also deemed that is critical that organisations use this knowledge to train and develop their leaders to engage their teams more effectively and consistently across organisations.

David cited organisations who found that leadership integrity, honesty and respect are critically linked to engagement and success. His research found that the most successful leaders took time to:

* Coach and develop their staff
* Encourage two way conversation
* See challenges as hurdles to overcome
* Give reward and recognition fairly
* Focus on innovation and creativity

Engagement is a continually growing topic where Zircon have a dedicated engagement unit to support organisations in devising strategies to keep their employees satisfied. For more information please contact Amanda Potter: amanda.potter@zircon-mc.co.uk.

Keynote address: Expanding outcomes of engagement – the agenda for business psychologists. David Carew (DWP)

Blog written by Nicola Cairns and Amanda Potter, Zircon

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