Positive Psychology and Coaching

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Lucy Ryan ‘s interactive presentation on “Positive Psychology” at the ABP Conference earlier in May 2010 ensured every listener left the session feeling optimistic. She explained that whilst there are only eleven validated interventions in positive psychology, there is still so much research that can be applied to businesses to develop employees. Value cards which are a fantastic tool for developing self-awareness and impact were used to imitate coaching discussions. A key learning point from this activity is that the tool or technique used within positive psychology coaching should be the catalyst to a discussion and not a solution.

Lucy was zestful about explaining the four routes to happiness in life: pleasure, people, purpose and passion. Her vigour increased further when the ultimate group activity made listeners understand the link between positive individual emotions, energy that is expended and the constructive effect this can have on productivity.

The Zircon team have a dedicated Coaching Director who has a wealth of experience in coaching individuals, teams and executives. For further information on coaching sessions please contact Jason Roberts on 07805623457 or jason.roberts@zircon-mc.co.uk.

ABP Conference 2010: Stories from positive psychology coaching. A journey from academia to application…
Lucy Ryan (Positive Insights)

Written by Nicola Cairns, Psychologist, Zircon

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