Assessing Personal Values in Organisations – bespoke or off the shelf methods?

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Companies have a number of options for assessing and measuring individual values and their fit with an organisation’s culture values and vision. Some organisations, for example PC World, Dixons, Currys have taken a bespoke approach to identifying and measuring the orgnaisational values and the level of applicant fit with those values.

Alan Redman and colleagues presented an insightful and alternative way to measure values and culture fit at the ABP 10th Annual Conference in Bedfordshire (picture of some of the conference team above). Their tool, CAL measures 9 possible aspects of culture fit, from which you can map the factors that are most relevant and fitting with your organisations values.

These include:

Authority – Prefers a directive leadership culture. Believes in a clear hierarchal structure. Motivated by leading others.
Change – Likes to work within a culture of organizational change. Prefers innovation to tradition.
Competition – Enjoys working in a competitive environment. Compares own performance with that of others.
Ethics – Prefers a working culture which takes a strong moral position. Values professional ethics.
Humour – Values working in a light-hearted environment. Likes the occasional laugh and a joke at work.
Intelligence – Enjoys contact with intelligent people. Prefers a highly intellectually stimulating environment.
Loyalty – Values loyalty and long-term commitment. Identifies closely with own organization
Order – Likes to have clearly defined rules. Prefers an orderly environment with boundaries and controls.
Profit – Believes that profit should always be the prime motivator. Enjoys working in a profit-focused culture.

Bespoke methods and off the shelf methods both have their benefits. If you would like to understand more about the Zircon methodology to measuring and assessing values at work, please contact Amanda Potter.

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