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At the ABP Conference last week (some of the regular attendees shown above), the animated and engaging speaker Dil Sidhu from BDO LLP had the challenging task of delivering to an audience at 9.15am on the morning following a late night of cocktails and election fever. Not only was he funny and interesting, he also delivered credible theories linking Dr Robert B Cialdini’s six principles to the commercial imperative for all organisations to influence and persuade. He highlighted how clients, colleagues and other relationships depend on these skills to operate effectively.

The Cialdini six “weapons of influence”:

1. Reciprocity – the art of give and take; giving without condition
2. Scarcity – the perception that there is limited supply to generate demand
3. Authority – the image of profile and the “expert”, people obeying authority figures
4. Commitment & Consistency – the engagement emotionally to follow through
5. Consensus – identifying with others and following the crowd
6. Liking – the age old theory that you work with and do business with those you like and that like you

Although not new, these principles provide clarity and focus. At Zircon we are constantly reviewing our approach to training influencing skills and considering how we support our clients through coaching and mentoring programmes.

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