Engagement and Leadership Success

May 11th, 2010 by Amanda Potter Leave a reply »

At the ABP 2010 10th Annual Conference last week, David Wigfield, Psychologist and Change Manager presented an “engaging” summary to measuring, assessing and developing the level of engagement.

Many global organisations have varying levels of engagement across its teams, departments, operations and countries. The average level of engagement within a single organisation can range from 42% to the highest 100%. It is critical that organisations consult with successful leaders of engaged teams to understand “what they are doing that is different to the rest”. David cited organisations who found that leadership integrity, honesty and respect are critically linked to engagement and success. His research also found that the most successful leaders took time to:

* Coach and develop their staff
* Encourage two way conversation
* See challenges as hurdles to overcome
* Give reward and recognition fairly
* Focus on innovation and creativity

At Zircon we are working with various organisations including Sportingbet to understand their level of engagement across multiple teams, departments and countries and are also finding interesting correlates of engagement at work. For more information please contact Amanda Potter

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