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Good help is hard to find – at least when you’re using the wrong tools. Although the science of performance prediction has advanced over the past 100 years, many organisations continue to use outdated personnel selection techniques. A large body of research nonetheless indicates that tests of personality and cognitive ability are among the most effective predictors of workplace performance outcomes.

One of the classic goals of psychometric assessment has been to predict performance based on psychological characteristics. Two major categories of psychometric instruments are tests of intelligence and personality, both of which have a long history in predicting behavioural outcomes.

The goals of psychometric assessment have expanded over time and now include not only the prediction of dysfunctional behaviour, but also performance differences across the normal range of psychological characteristics. While psychometric testing and performance prediction have evolved considerably over the past 100 years, their value is often underappreciated.

Taken from an article by: Jacob B Hirsh

At Zircon all of our associates are qualified to use a wide selection of psychometric tools, available in the market place, which measure intelligence and personality. We ensure that we spend time with our clients underdstanding the roles they are recruiting for, and work with them to design a robust selection and assessment process complimented with the most approporiate tools.

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