Is Talent everything?

April 27th, 2010 by Sarah Green Leave a reply »

“Research suggests that talent management becomes more not less important in an economic downturn. Organisations that are clever and ride the storm of the war on talent will find that they are significantly ahead of the competition when markets pick up.”

“While unfortunately for some, the downturn has resulted in development cuts and recruitment freezes, for others a number of surprisingly positive outcomes have emerged such as placing an even greater focus on talent management activities and ensuring that strategies provide maximum return on investment.” – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. .

Whilst the economy is seeing the first signs of the green shoots of recovery, at Zircon throughout the economic downturn, we have continued to work with our clients on developing and implementing talent management strategies. More and more, organisations are starting to realise that People are their greatest and most valuable assets and are investing in their ongoing development.

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